What should you do after a car accident?

A car accident is a horrible thing, but they do happen. When they do, you need to be prepared so that you can handle the situation and get on with your life. So what should you do after a car accident?

At Acklam Car Sales, we know that this depends on the seriousness of the accident. For any accident that causes physical harm, you should of course ring an ambulance. However if it’s just a little fender bender there are other concerns at play.

Namely we are talking here about car insurance. After an accident you can claim back the cost of repairing the damage on your insurance; it’s what it’s there for. However in order to lodge a successful claim you need to give them all the details you can; otherwise the insurance company might argue that they don’t have to pay out.

So this is why after a fender bender you need to get all the details you can so that you can claim back on your insurance. You should always carry a pen, paper and a camera (or smartphone) so that you have the tools on hand to get the relevant information and to take photos to prove that the accident actually did happen to your insurance company.

So what information do you need? You need all of the specifics; you need the time and date the accident happened, the weather and visibility details etc. However you also need the other driver’s information; name, contact details, car details insurance details etc. Only with this can you prove that the accident happened, that it was actually an accident and that you are eligible to claim back on your insurance.

You have to remember that legally it is an offence to not give to not give out your details in cases of accident where there has been property or physical damage. So if the other driver is reluctant to give out their insurance details, remind them of this so that you aren’t left in a precarious position with your own insurance company.

It’s also a good idea to take pictures. You can get all the details in the world; you can get the other drivers information, information on the accident and even the name and number of any police officer on the scene and the insurance company still might challenge the claim. Remember here that a picture really is worth a thousand words and with smartphones, there really is no excuse.

When you have an accident there are a thousand and one things that run through your mind. Insurance should be top of the list. Make sure you follow this guide so that you have all the evidence you need to claim back on your car insurance policy.


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