A Car for all terrains

When you’re looking for a car, Acklam Car Centre understands that you need a car that can handle the lifestyle you lead. If you’re the type of person who likes to go off the beaten track, you’ll need to find a car that can handle rough terrain.

We’ve seen all sorts of people come through the Acklam Car Centre Showroom, looking for all sorts of different cars. This means we’ve seen what people are looking for when they are trying to pick out a car that can handle rough terrain and we thought we’d share it with you.

There are several areas you need to focus on when you’re looking for the right car. Don’t focus on the sales pitch, that’ll only distract you. Look at certain parts of the car to see just how it’s going to handle over rough terrain.

You have to start with the tyres. You need to find a vehicle with all-season/all-terrain tyres. These are tyres specially designed to suit any terrain.

You can identify them through a larger tyre tread; these give the wheels extra traction so that vehicle can dig its way out of snow, mud, ice etc. You most commonly find all-terrain tyres on 4×4 vehicles however you can find all-season tyres on a number of cars.

Whilst the tyres are the most important part of the search, there are other things that you have to factor in as well. You want to be looking for a car with its engine in the front.

This is because movement and direction of the car from the steering wheel often focuses on the front two wheels. If the engine is also in the front is means that when you are trying to manoeuvre over tough terrain you have more weight to help you put force behind the wheels.

Or you can get a 4×4. The nature of a 4×4 means that you can control all four wheels which means it doesn’t matter where the engine is. However you shouldn’t get a car with its engine in the back if you want to handle rough terrain, the weight distribution means it lacks the force to power through particularly bad terrain.

You also have to consider the weight and size or your car. Have some common sense; a sports car isn’t going to handle bad weather and conditions very well. A 4×4 has the bulk to help power through bad conditions.

If you’re the sort of person who likes to go off the beaten track, you have to make sure that the car you choose can handle it. Use some common sense, if the car looks like it won’t be able to handle it, chances are that it won’t.


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