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Finalising the sale of your used car | Acklam Car Centre

Many people assume that selling their car will be easy; whilst this might be the case if you choose to sell it to a dealership such as Acklam Car Centre, it’s not necessarily true when you sell it by advertising online or in a local paper. One way to speed up the process and ensure you get a fair price is to provide the service history; buyers will find maintenance records very reassuring, as it gives them a clear indication of what the car has been through, and what condition it is in now. Make sure that you have records of all the tune-ups, repairs, tyre and oil changes, as this will almost certainly make it easier to sell your vehicle.

Once you have found a buyer for your car, most of the hard work is out of the way; however, it is important to be careful when completing the final steps of the transaction. The car shouldn’t be driven away by the person buying it, until you have been paid in full. If you sell your car to a reputable company like Acklam Car Centre, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will actually be paid for the vehicle. However, this isn’t the case when you sell to a private buyer, as there are unfortunately, some unscrupulous people who may try to take the car, without actually handing over any money.

acklam car centreThe method of payment is entirely up to you, but generally speaking, an instant online bank transfer, or cash are the two safest options. If the buyer offers you a cheque, you should bear in mind that these may take five working days to clear; make sure that you wait until it has come through before giving the buyer the keys. It’s also a good idea to draw up a simple seller’s contract, which will provide both you and the buyer with protection. You should have two copies of this contract; one for the buyer, and one for your own records, and both of you will need to sign and date each one.

As soon as the sale has been finalised, you must inform the DVLA, so that they know that you are not responsible for the vehicle to do so. Whilst this might seem like a bit of a hassle, the fact is that it’s in your own best interests to do this, as it will mean that you won’t be held responsible for the new owner’s future driving offences.